Are We Emotionally Independent?

By Oct 11, 2020


Hey Friends, writing today's blog after a long pause for self construction.  When read that today is  International Day of the Girl, I thought I must break the silence & share what's in my head..

Have you ever thought that we girls look for validation for each small thing in life?!  If my husband likes my looks, I am beautiful, if my father appreciates that my daughter is a good girl then I am a good girl, if my children  likes my cooked food, I am a good cook, if people are happy with me that means I am good & doing good…why, why we need others to confirm to us what & how we are ?!!  Why we feel that we are not complete without someone else's presence in our lives !! Why we can't be on our own?? We never think whether we liked the food we cooked, we liked the way we dressed up, we like our body or not? Where is that WE, ME gone….?!

 Lets not blame society or the upbringing, ultimately we have also bowed down to them & allowed them to treat us the way they want. We fail to love our own selves as woman/girl & want others to do that, how can that happen without our own self approval!!


Girls, we need to be emotionally independent. Be SELF DEPENDENT for every emotional fulfillment. Why one has to wait for love, peace, joy , appreciation to come , get poured from outside, these should come from within…


Lets learn to love our own selves first. Lets be emotionally self dependent. For my happiness I don’t have to ask someone to make me happy, for my peace I don’t have to wait for some situation to provide me peace, for getting love, why to look up to someone,….


Lets pledge to provide these by being ones own friend.  Believe me, I AM ENOUGH is the mantra ultimately...


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