Are You In a Toxic Relationship? Better Check

By Oct 31, 2020


Humans are social animals & most of us can't do without  others. But sometimes we land up with someone who result into bad awful relationships.
What does Toxic relationship mean? Well when someone is controlling you, becoming to much possessive, too much doubtful of your actions, may be emotionally very dependent, abusive- may be mentally, verbally or physically & many such things much more than these, when you feel suffocated by their love & protection, their overdoing for you then its toxic, you feel loss of space to breath in the relationship.
But my point is not this.  I am talking about those relationships which are indeed toxic but not visible that way from the surface. You may find a person or people in your life who seemingly do everything right as per the social needs, as per your needs , but still can be toxic & nagging. They look perfect from every angle but still there is something very subtle, microscopic, underground, where you are used by them . Most of the time even you fail to identify so for others its almost impossible to realize.  They give you no clues how they are treating the way they want you to be. They can read your mind & actions before you can & plan & play safely so that at the end you have nothing to complain about as you are in the game with all your concern !  Such people are distorted with their own self morals & emotions. They are hooked to you not because they love you but to fulfill their mere desires through you.
And if you ever realize about this kind of person or such people in your life & want to end up the relationships, these kind of people wont leave you, they are not ready to let you go. It is the most courageous thing to gift yourself the freedom from such entangled relationship. For this you must remain determined with strong will power & let go off past as they use all possible tantrums so that you remain in their life. My friend never try to make them understand you, it would be next to impossible as they never feel they are doing something wrong with you.
 So my dear friend, check with your living & life,  are in some toxic relationship?  If yes, Break the chains sooner for you…good luck


  1. Shanti Savla

    On Oct 31, 2020

    Good explain

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