By May 20, 2020
Looking at the vermilion sky of dusk from my criss-cross window fence, I could see those birds, those black small moving figures high up in the air, flying to reach their nests.Their screeches had the sound of cheer, a very clear gesture of hope of the sure 'destination'. They remind me of my 'destination' ultimate goal. Their waving wings, drained off of energy, yet symbolising their victory of having reached their Domicile.

Suddenly one of these little creatures gave an eye to me... as if mesmerising me & questioning the address of my actual destination. After a deep thought, I realised that I am, since ages, trying to reach the same !! I am undergoing this refining process of rebirths just to identify my destination & move towards it. What can it be? So golden, other than realising that Almighty's presence within us! It can't be more than knowing our own anima (soul) which has travelled miles & meters to reach even 'today'.

Are we all not the same small dark figures moving in different directions to reach our ultimate destination? But are we able to value the pains of that hidden entity which is in the subconscious, yet trying to progress on its own. Can't we really support our own being by just a bit conscious about our actual destination... our real motive to achieve?

Let us work to see the dawn of the real-being, soon, within us !!


  1. Jigna Desai

    On May 20, 2020

    True ! we should support our own being, and work to see the real within us !!

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