Story of Sanitary Pads

By May 21, 2013
Menstrual Pads :From Rags to Reusable Feminine Hygiene Products yet Menstrual Pads: Need that's not Reached !

"And It's just PERIODS" By Jahnvi Rajput

By May 28, 2020
This MHD 2020 we invited people to pen their thoughts about Women's Monthly Cycle. We are thankful to many who shared their stories. Presenting you one of the best SHARE of a brave lady Jhanvi with you all.

Menses and taboos: Are we ever going to come out of this??? by Datasha Kanthariya

By May 28, 2020
Period Shaming & stigmas related to it seems unending since ages. On MHD 2020, we appreciate ladies like Datasha who came forward to share their self-experiences about Menses & picked up our RED DOT CHALLENGE

“Periods an unanswered question” by Akshay Patel

By May 28, 2020
Who said Men don't respect Women. ! Akshay showed his guts to express his feelings by this article on what menstruation can mean to men. We are thankful to such men who are considerate towards this biological phenomenon of women. One of the best stories of ROD DOT Challenge this MHD 2020.

Lets Bleed & Paint The Town Green by Prapti Gohil

By May 28, 2020
For better menstrual health & hygiene, we have lot of alternatives available which are also eco-friendly as many menstrual products are immense problem for disposal, sanitation & waste management. Prapti reviews how can natural bleeding of women become nature friendly too. Thank you for a thoughtful article.

The discomfort & fear during Periods: lets make it more dignified by Khushboo Shah

By May 28, 2020
Our yet another RED DOT challenger shares how much a girl has to take care to avoid public shame & embarrassments of not letting anyone know that you are bleeding. We are grateful of Khushboo for her say. It needs courage to say that yes I am bothered by period shaming !

Painful Periods & Doctor's Brandy !! by Komal Sojitra Thummar

By Jun 1, 2020
Painful periods is a story of many, read how the pain of Komal & what she does to overcome it. We are thankful to Komal for taking part in RED DOT CHALLENGE on this MH Day. Such bravery is the real instinct of being a woman.

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