Talk Good

By May 20, 2013
How to talk & be impressive?

Lead your own life yourself.

By May 22, 2013
You have the right for individual space, thought & decision.

Are You In a Toxic Relationship? Better Check

By Oct 31, 2020
Sometimes one has to be hard on ones own self for ones own betterment. If it is destroying you its not love. Let go these unhealthy relationships as deep within you know that the right way to do. respect yourself & be brave to move on, trust life, it has much more good to show & make you feel happy about.

Diwali Toran

By Nov 12, 2020
This Diwali , Lets Clean our Minds within & decorate our hearts with Love & Care for others . Let the lamps light up the spirit of happiness, peace & joy for some one you love.

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