Doubt verses Faith

By May 23, 2020

            Let Your faith be Bigger than Your Fears....

Stories are whole lot of treasure of insights & wisdom. Presenting an anecdote from Ramayana, one of the greatest mythological epic of India.

One day Sita told her 2 kids namely Love & Khush that Lord Rama can do anything & she trusts her this belief & has full faith in him. She shared with them that once to cross the ocean & reach Lanka, Vanar Sena simply wrote the name of Shri Rama on big stones & threw them in water. The stones started floating & by this way a long bridge was built to reach Lanka,the kingdom of Ravana. She said, look my children, how much godly is Shri Rama, only his name was enough to resolve this problem. Can you imagine who he must be?!

Love - Kush were intelligent boys, don't believe in anything till tested. If Lord Rama is so much powerful, lets check it. So to clear their doubts, they went to nearby river & did exactly what Vanar Sena did, wrote name of Shri Rama on the stones & threw in water, but the stones sink inside the river ! No surprise,this is what they expected too. They concluded all these are merely some bookish stories our mother must have heard from somewhere.

Later they went home & shared their experiment to their Mother saying how much emotional & naive she is to believe things like this.At that moment, Sitaji smiled at the kids & asked them a question: Did you threw the stones with doubt or faith ?

Yes Friends, Faith can do miracles, if you believe. Faith brings Hope & hope brings Life.


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