By Jan 1, 2021

Dear Friends, 

Yesterday on 31st December 2020, I was pondering  like every other individual, how was the year 2020? We all as human society saw pandemic COVID-19 so closely & are still going through it.  Some suffered a bit , some suffered a lot… some had material loss, some had emotional loss, few regained themselves, few regained their loved ones…well list is long…..But we went through, whichever way it is, we went through & are now in 2021. This is a miracle, our race , human race survived, just because of grace & only grace...
When I deeply pondered on these facts, I could just conclude that  ITS ALL BY GRACE & GRACE ALONE.  Once again nature proved it to us to be more humble & showed us that nothing is under our control. So then, how should we approach year 2021? Well, allow grace to work. Stop resisting to it.  Each moment you breath is by grace & each thing moving  or not moving in the universe is by grace.  But then comes the logic, that we have free will, why not to use it?! Well friends, to get a thought to use or not to use free will & to be able to do so is also a matter of grace ultimately….Isn't it HIS will is greater than our will? Why not trust on his will more than anything else??
So lets make ourselves worthy enough to be AVAILABLE TO GRACE. Lets make a resolution to become ready to receive grace.  Let us  allow ourselves to get poured by more & more grace

May You be blessed with GRACEFUL 2021.


  1. Diya jayeshkumar patel

    On Jan 1, 2021

    Every day is a new sunrise , every day is a new page , here's we have a book of 365 more blank pages... The best thing what i feel best is... Just trust the process and feel the wonderful beauty of almighty, We all need to do is just stay connected within the beauty that is given us every day , something which is very very special...

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