Lead your own life yourself.

By May 22, 2013

Lead your own life yourself. Have your own individual space.

You too have the right to think & decide.

                        Ahswariaya Rai is one of the most talked celebrities of her times internationally. From the day she joined Miss India Contest, her badly crashed love story with Salman Khan, post pregnancy weight till what she is going to wear in Cannes Film Festival, each detail of her has been noted critically by people.

                        But ladies, hats off to this strong woman, who proved that EVEN A WOMAN CAN LIVE HER LIFE ON HER TERMS & THAT WOMAN CAN ALSO DEVELOP HER OWN SPACE OF BEING AN INDIVIDUAL. Look at this picture, the peace and satisfaction that reflects on her face might not be there with millions of us!



                       Ash respected her womanhood by rejecting the violent behaviour of Salman Khan and accepting a family that regards a women equally like men. She could have opted for painless delivery or surrogacy, nobody would have even questioned her for this, but she chose to experience labour pain of delivery, thus becoming the role model for all those women for whom pregnancy or delivery is a burden! Despite getting critisized for her flabby body post pregnancy, she is enjoying each bit of her motherhood.

                  Ladies if you are trying to argue that she is a celebrity so she can do whatever she wants, its not the case. On the contrary, being a people's face, their lives are very vulnerbale. They undergo extreme pressures. Still she is managing to live the way she wants. She too might have undergone many mental physical social moral etc all kinds of difficult times, but point is she could do what she was willing to. IF SHE CAN, CAN'T YOU & I MAKE OUR MARK TOO??!!


  1. Disha Lathigara

    On May 27, 2013

    Hats of.. really very inspiring...!

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