Painful Periods & Doctor's Brandy !! by Komal Sojitra Thummar

By Jun 1, 2020

Periods…this word brings many thoughts with it, to both, men and women in our society. Various civilisations in this world have treated this aspect of nature in their own different ways and women all around the world since the start of time have been dealing with it keeping in mind all the traditions and taboos related to it. With time these traditions moulded, changed and now in 21st century we women are lucky that periods are no longer considered as taboo in most of the parts of our world.

Today I am going to share my personal experiences on periods. To me, this word ‘periods’ is so scary. It brings too much pain with itself; lower abdomen pain, back pain and full leg pain along with weakness throughout the day which has no cure. Previously I was told that the pain goes away after getting married but it is not in my case. Even after 2 years of marriage, the pain is same. Few of my friends feel no pain after marriage and few after delivery of a baby. I consulted with a gynaecologist doctor and she suggested me to take pain killer whenever it is necessary. After all other household remedies that failed in pain relief, my mother-in-law watched a video somewhere that says putting few drops of doctor’s brandy on navel will help in menstrual cramps. We tried it at home and it actually works, yes, if anybody’s reading this, you can get some doctor’s brandy because it actually works. It is too difficult for women to handle this pain while working whether they are working women or housewives. 

Luckily times have changed and we got everyone around us who support women during these days. When he was a kid, one of my brothers thought after watching sanitary pad advt. that it is for women while travelling because women can’t urinate anywhere. 

Even though there are still some taboos related to periods in our society. Some believe that women should not touch anything in the house especially in kitchen just because they think women are impure during these days. Some believe that these are the days when there is poison running in our body so they shouldn’t eat what women cook during periods, also they are not allowed to share plate with anyone.It is not true at all. Menstrual blood is not impure, not contaminated or anything like that. Menstrual blood smells sometimes because of the presence of bacteria in urinary tract which is very normal. This doesn’t mean that this blood is smelling because it is impure. Hygiene matters a lot during these days like using cotton sanitary pads instead of clothes, washing hands using soap every time you visit washroom. With hygiene measures, you can touch anything, anyone, nobody will get contaminated after touching you. 

So, relax and cheer all my ladies out there. Be brave, be strong. 

Komal Sojitra Thummar <>


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