Promise to Love Yourself

By Nov 15, 2020


Are you searching for someone who will love you unconditionally? Are you literally on a hunt for getting loved by someone? Are you ready to do or may be doing anything for others just because you want them to love you? Are you overdoing, doing things beyond your capacity for others to  just see some love in their eyes for you? Are you harming yourself & not even bothered about you but want to do everything for them from whom you expect to be loved? 


Well my dear friend, if you are some what  like this, then my question is why you want this? Why are you humiliating yourself by pleading to others to love you. Don't you respect your own being?  Check yourself, are you looking for love in real sense or is it merely some  kind of  approval towards you from others? Or is it some strong desire, may be a want for physical love or sexual pleasure, or just a company to kill your loneliness, or may be a social security, a social protective label, or an economic support? Just think over, does an unconditional love need to be proven?! Does true love demand anything?! 


Stop looking around for love my dear. Instead look within, you are enough for yourself to love you. Have you ever loved your own self? If you can't love you, how can others?! Be more attentive towards THAT which is within you, which is real you. Do anything & everything beyond your capacities for only & only YOU. Don't waste yourself, your resources, your energy, money, time after shallow material world & people around. Hmmm…, you must be thinking it sounds selfish, no, its not selfish, its self need, its self-attention. Every individual needs the space to breathe, to grow. When you will be in love with you, it will reflect outside as well & others will also then start loving you. I know its difficult, but its most essential thing to do for your won self.


 Real love is only in finding one's own self, that’s godly. Try it  & promise to give yourself the YOU that it truly deserves. Plan to gift yourself your won love this year...


Best Wishes for a true new beginning this Year

Happy New Year


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