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By May 23, 2020

Ten Questions For a Lifetime

1) What you want to be: Successful or Significant?
2) What you want to enjoy: the journey or the destination reached?
3) What you choose: a life or a living?
4) What you want: to get or to give ?
5) What is important to you: Quantity or Quality?
6) What matters to you: Together or To gather?
7) What you count more on: Love or Happiness?
8) What you follow: Heart or Head?
9) What drives you: Hopefulness or Hopelessness?
10)What you aspire to become: Made by the People or Made for the People?

       Hey wait wait, don't be impatient, don't think these are silly questions instead take time to read them slow, many times & decode them in their real sense. If you could do that, you will gain huge lot of clarity about yourself & your life. May be your search for yourself end. May be you become the happiest after answering these questions.Each of us have our joys & sorrows to some extent by the choices we make in life. Think deep, choose smart. These questions can only be answered by dialogue with your own self. Talk to your self within & decide what you want. Be honest to yourself & search for your own truth.

       These each questions have different meaning & different answers for different people but if they choose what their inner being wants, they will surely achieve their goals of life. Good luck answering....


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