"And It's just PERIODS" By Jahnvi Rajput

By May 28, 2020


Does it sound like something different!!

Not to me at all. Because I go through it every month. It is just a simple natural process taking place into a female body.

It is a very common process in nature but I guess not in our Society. Yes I'm talking about the same society we live in and live for. People consider bleeding is impure only when it comes to menstruation. The worst part is they not only consider menstruation as impure but also the women who is going through it. There are many many taboos related to this in our society.

The very first one is not entering the temple.The people of the "society" consider the offering of an animal's life to the goddess by cutting their head as pure. But a women entering the temple with her regular periodical cycle is impure. I wonder how come the blood of animals which are not even meant for this purpose be so pure!!!

And I don't know how that "untouchable" thing poops in between. I mean the women who takes care of the house everyday is suddenly considered to be an untouchable.

In many remote rural areas of our country She is kept in a different room for those 5 days wherein her body goes through all those cramps all those mood swings and hormonal fluctuation all alone, not being allowed to even touch anyone. Her utensils for those days are also kept different. Woo I mean it sounds like "Aila Jaadu". She is not allowed to enter the kitchen. Damn how are people so aware about these stuffs and not the other stuff like simplest of all , "not throwing garbage here and there" . People are just too busy in modernising themselves in terms of "Materialism". 

It is not only about rural areas but also about urban areas where you claim yourself as a developing person but again only in terms of Materialistic things like wearing modern clothes having parties having real estates everything you want but not a simple understanding that "It's just PERIODS."

This message is for everyone, whether the person is male or female.

At many points I feel bad when a female teaches the same gender to not speak about it openly. Why!! Because it is bad!!! No because she considers it to be bad.

Even menstrual talks are not allowed in your own house. The house where you live. Girls are advised by their mothers to not tell her father to bring sanitary pads, the same father who gave her birth. Why would you even say this to your daughter!!!! This is also a point where I think parenting goes wrong.

There is no rocket science in understanding that a women bleeds every month because her body is designed in such way. Her body is meant to bleed every month. Menstruation is somehow connected to our existence on Earth. And how can someone be ashamed of talking about something responsible for their own existence.

It is just that we have created male dominant society, or else there is nothing like that prevailing in the Nature.So whenever you get into such situation where people try out social dramas in front of you regarding periods, say "It's just Periods."

Jahnvi Rajput <jahnvirajput38@gmail.com>


  1. Jayraj Rana

    On May 28, 2020

    It's so touchable topic for untouched society.🙌
  2. Darshna

    On May 28, 2020

    I'm so proud of you janu!🥰
  3. Jayraj Rana

    On May 28, 2020

    It's so touchable topic for untouched society.🙌

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