Sweet Home?

By Jun 8, 2013

                            India is known world over for its spirituality & diversified culture. By worshiping various goddesses, indians have given special seat to feminine gender.

                            But is this the actual reality or just a cover to hide the cruel truths behind such cultural hypocracy??!! For example, which is the real home of an Indian girl? From the time of her  childhood, she is taught that husband’s house is her real home. Her sasural is the actual place she is made for. When she indeed goes there, she is considered an outsider by in-laws who tell her that this is “the sasural”, not her home, not her “piyaar or maika” & expect her to follow their rules & regulation. Friends, where is her real ‘sweet home’? Where is that place where she can be free to do whatever she wants? Are we not actually making girls homeless? And what if the girl is unmarried or becomes widow....she has no voice of her own ! She is obliged by in-laws or her biological parents by landing her the shelter. Where are her human rights?

                         Can the religious leaders, political leaders, social activits or spiritual gurus help find THE REAL HOME OF AN INDIAN GIRL…….? !


  1. Please teach the rest of these internet hoagolins how to write and research!

    On May 26, 2016

    Please teach the rest of these internet hoagolins how to write and research!

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