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By May 20, 2013

If you like to talk and want to leave your mark on others through talking, following tips can help you. Try out……..

1) Speak softly but with confidence, it should not be too loud or too low.

2) Look into the eyes of the person to whom you are talking. Don’t look here and there.

3) Use the language in which you are confident and can express correctly to avoid misinterpretation. But also check that the language is known to the person to whom you are talking.

4) Don’t speak too fast or too slow, too fast won’t be understood and too slow will make the conversation boring.

5) Never use swear words or bad language at all.

6) Don’t use too many uncommon words which are difficult to speak and understand. If you are using them to impress, you are mistaken, after some time they would surely gather that you are trying to show off.

7) Always think before you speak.

8) Never speak when you are angry, you might burst out badly & unnecessarily. This may spoil your relations, hurt others & harm your reputation.

9) Speak your mind, whatever it may be. Be honest in speaking.

10) Keep calm smiling face while talking, this will make your conversation easy & make your listener comfortable.

11) Keep pleasant body language while talking.

 12) Don’t make too many hand movements or shake legs constantly. It won’t be appreciated by your listener and he/she might not like to talk to you for long.

13) If you are coughing, put hand on your mouth while coughing and say “excuse me”. It will be appreciated by the listener.

14) Spitting now and then are serious manner issues while talking.

15) Talking while chewing or drinking produce unwanted noises which are never appreciated by your listener. Also it’s not good for your health.

16) While talking if you feel you are about to sneeze, cover your nose with hands or handkerchief, move your head away from the listener and sneeze, later say “excuse me”. Your listener will note your this manner.

17) While talking if you hear a telephone ring, again say “excuse me” to interrupt your conversation and finish your phone talk soon. Don’t keep your listener wait for too long, it will only make the person bored and lose interest from the talk.

18) Never keep on repeating same things during your talk, same words, same phrases, same talks etc will only make you lose your listeners.

19) Don’t make too many faces particularly awkward faces while talking, it’s out of mannerism.

20) Be expressive. Don't criticize or talk bad of others unnecessairy.Talk about good things, things you know of and be postive in your approach. You will surely make many friends out of your talks.



  1. Disha Lathigara

    On May 28, 2013

    This is really helpful for me as i am introvert and manytimes hesitate during express my self.Thank you..
  2. Wow I must confess you make some very tracnhent points.

    On May 26, 2016

    Wow I must confess you make some very tracnhent points.

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