The discomfort & fear during Periods: lets make it more dignified by Khushboo Shah

By May 28, 2020

Periods are not just shedding of the lining of a woman's uterus in the form of bloody substance but it shows the strength of women. 5 days of periods are just like a battle. We fight to control our mood swings, anger; pain which is smiled when we lose our strength to fight against that situation & put our weapons. Periods is not a 5 days process it come up with lots of physical & mental disturbance & stay with us before and after menses like unwanted guest. No limit to this problem only, we have to care about things like.. pad is properly placed ?? Overflow of blood is not facing the world?? Cannot dress short tops, wear dark colour jeans so in case of blood spot we can cover it up. 

Biggest problem with hygiene when we are at public places like school, college, during travelling where there is a washroom with no water, at that time wet tissue is like a lifeline. One another problem which I faced frequently is lack of information of menstrual cycle in younger brother at the age before 14-15 years. There are so many myths & taboos related to period like can’t go in kitchen, temple etc. We are struggling with our pain & mental disturbance so do rest because cleaning process is done in our body, but people take it in wrong way. But thanks to internet baba !!! which gives knowledge about period & help people to come out from their classical mindset.

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