By May 14, 2020

One fine day my Lord was standing near a window-pane.
A thought touched him like the dew-drops on the glass.
A will reached him like the shining ray of warm sun.
And then he smiled at the golden sand nearby that was as if waiting for his attention !

In the moment of a blink,
The humble hands of this supreme artist began my making !
Suddenly, like an unseen pebble lying in a corner of a huge valley,
Like a petal missing in a flower,
Or like a glow missing in a rainbow..
He found his creation to be unknown to him!

So, to lay his imprints & final signature,
Just like the silver lines of a dark cloud,
He pinched of his own self & poured his divine water into my making.
That, now, glows like the full moon light,
As if proving aloud,
Like the sound of a thunder cloud,
That O world, HE IS ME & I AM HIM....


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