Try the Trick of 8:8:8

By May 1, 2020
Try the Trick 8:8:8

Hey Friends, 

Is managing yourself becoming a challenge for you? Is life getting boring & dull? Not able to achieve your decided goals? If so, then try to incorporate the maths of 8:8:8 in your life.

Lets see how you can do that.....

Divide your 24 hours of a day into 3 parts of 8 hours each. Keep 8 hours strictly for your sleep & another 8 for your essential jobs, household works, professional commitments etc. 

Now the golden 8 remains, these are the most precious hours out of the 24 hours you have. Keep 2 hours for your physical fitness & exercise. Spare 2 hours for your family & keens, while yet another 2 hours for your socialising, for friends, relatives, etc, but the last winning 2 hours are the bonanza gift for you. If you can take care of these 2 hours that is 120 minutes per day, you will be able to take care of rest of those 22 hours. Spend these 2 hours exclusively for you, yes you & only you. These are the freedom moments exclusively for you from your own day! Do whatever comes to your mind which will make you feel happy & enriched within. Its your space my darling ! We all forget that even though human beings are social animals, yet we all are individuals who need their own space too. Have your space & provide the same to others !! And you will realise, that how much rejuvenated & re-energised you are each day just by giving yourself these 2 hours time. Your mind & soul will get nourished with joy & peace. You will be more grounded & your relationships, work, responsibilities will be handled well automatically. Your inner self peace will reflect on everything you will do outside. too. It will work like a magical wand !

Whether its lock-down or post lock-down, whether its during COVID- 19 times or post COVID-19, this trick of 8:8:8 will always help if you just keep trying with hope . Be shamelessly optimistic.Be tactful & trick-ful about triple 8,  all the best…..

8 = sleep

8= work

8= 2 (family) + 2 (friends & social life) + 2 (exercise) + 2 (self)

24 hours time managed leading to happy & rich life !


  1. Shivangi zaveri

    On May 1, 2020

    Its amazing way to spare time now a days.. thank you 👍 you are the best 😘

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