By May 15, 2020

Your birth was awaited by parents,
Your birth was celebrated by relatives,
Each birthday had a party with friends but, O darling, remember,
The journey is walking alone..

Celebrating all success with well wishers,
Coping up all failures with dear ones,
Made joys of festivals all around with loved ones,
Felt the blessings, care & love of the keens in the hardest times,
Yet, O darling, remember, 
The journey is walking alone...

No one comes to die when you are dying,
No one can live your pains that you are feeling,
No one can walk the path meant for you to travel,
Yes, O darling, remember,
The journey is walking alone....

Then comes the question always to the mind,
Its so unjust, unfair & mean,
If journey is of a loner,
Why so many are with Me?!
To arrive at the answer
O my darling, remember,
The journey is about walking alone...


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