What Kind of Pot You Are?

By Apr 28, 2020

What kind of Pot are You?

What kind of Pot are You?


Hey, wondering what kind of question is this? Well, it’s a very valid question. How? Consider your body to be a pot & your mind is something inside it! So then, what kind of Pot you are??!! Fully filled one, half filled, totally empty or an overflowing one, which one? And what’s filled inside it? We all are Pots, filled with something.


Few Pots are totally empty like those of children, yet to fill their hearts through worldly experiences. While few others are half filled, may be with good, or bad or mixed qualities & emotions, perhaps we all are such…at least most of us. Yet there are few others who are filled totally only with negativity & no one wants to see such pots. But some are pots which are overflowing….overflowing with joy, compassion, peace, unending love & brotherhood. Each one of us craves for such pots around us.


But some might wonder, as they are broken pots! They have cracks as they are too much hurt.  So what, dear, broken pots can be repaired, cracks can be healed. Kintsukuroi, the Golden Repair, is a Japanese art of repairing broken pottery using precious metals like gold. And the result is an even more beautiful revitalized pot with gold, silver or platinum glints. So scars are beautiful my friend. They add more wisdom to your life.


 Still pondering which pot you are? If never checked, go deeper within, shake yourself & see what’s inside?! Whatever type of pot you discover yourself to be, don’t feel guilty, don’t lose hope, remember every pot is unique. Every pot is originally the only one of its kind & has its own journey to make a unique story by filling something special within. Above all every pot can be refilled. So friends start filling your pot with positivity & optimism. The day you get overflowing with these, you will also have the capacity to fill some other pots, which means you will be ready enough to help others as an empty pot can never help others.





  1. Jaya

    On Apr 30, 2020

    Beautifully explainded...

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