Which Is Your Tag Line?

By May 11, 2020

Which is your tag line?


In a huge techno- world around us, there is so much to inspire from ! Have you ever thought, companies & organisations are not only there for products but you can also get some useful tips from them that too free of cost. How? Check few taglines of some of the brands here. Each one is like a Mantra, if at all you can follow any one out of these, your life is going to be much more better than what it is presently. 

Now if you question, what's a tagline, well,it is a short, memorable phrase that conveys the main sentiment or feeling that you want people to associate with you. A good tagline becomes a cultural reference. A catchphrase, a slogan, a watchword motto, a mission statement, or a punchline.. name it any, but its the core philosophy, the pillar which holds the complete story of that company leading it to be a brand, a name in itself. Now the question is whats a brand? Any unique type of product produced by a particular company becomes a brand. 

Friends, here is the twist...We all are unique & already a brand made by almighty, unfortunately we have never pondered on this ! Never realised! Try to find out your punchline, your philosophy of living, your tagline for life & get established as the BRAND. And the day you become a brand, your tag line becomes a brand line too. Then others start getting inspired.

So my dear, ask your self, what's your tag line? Punch yourself within till you find out your punchline. 


1) Nike: There Is No Finisn Line

2) Nike: Jut Do It

3) Apple: Think Different

4) Tesco: Every Little Helps

5) General Electric: Imagination at Work

6) TacoBell: Think Outside the Bun

7) IMAX: Think Big

8) Airbnb: Belong Anywhere

9) Harley Davidson: All for Freedom, Freedom for All

10)Levi's: Quality never goes out of Style

11)Subway: Eat Fresh

12)Walmart: Save Money, Live Better

13)Adidas: Impossible is Nothing

14)Ford: Go Further

15)Sprite: Obey your Thirst

16)Electronic Arts: Challenge Everything

17)Rothy's: Reduce your carbon footprint in style

18)Tag Heuer: Don't Crack Under Pressure

19)AJax: Stronger than dirt

20)CalvinKlein: Between love & madness lies obsession

21)Google: Don't be Evil

22)Haagen-Dazs: Pleasure is the path to joy

23)Hewlett Packard: Invent

24)Johnnie Walker: Keep Walking

25)Kodak: Share moments, share life

26)LG: Life's Good

27)Philips: Lets make things better

28)Porsche: There is no substitute

29)Red Cross: The greatest tragedy is indifference

30)Reebok: I am what I am

31)United negro College fund: A mind is a terrible thing to waste

32)Wisconsin: Live like you mean it

33)At & T: Reach Out & touch someone

34)FTD: Say it with Flowers

35)Lexus: The relentless pursuit of perfection

36)Tata Safari: reclaim your life

37)Air Deccan: Simplify

38)Britannia: Eat healthy, think better

39)Idea: an idea can change your life

40) Airtel: Express yourself

41) Ceat: Born Tough

42)Jabong: Be you

43)Infibeam.com: Shop with a smile

44)Housing.com: Look Up

45)Haier: No noise, only performance

46)Telegraph: The unputdownable

47) Hike Messenger: Hike up your life


  1. Pooja Shukla

    On May 11, 2020

    Britannia: Eat healthy, think better

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