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1) Share by Neelima:

Here is what Neelima Shah from Gujarat (India), a teacher since 10 years, has written to us about. She might sound unreal to some of us, but for her this is reality month after month.

Hello Friend(s),

I am here to share my deepest & most personal experiences related to PMS with all those who suffer the same. When I pass through this phase & then is back to normal life after few days, I always come to a conclusion, that in life there are episodes that are ones own, which a person alone has to deal with inspite of the fact that she/ he might have a very close intimate person whom one must be sharing all & all, yet few things do remain unheard & if heard, is not paid attention to, even by this most loved one!

Before 2-3 days of my menses, I dream the most horrifying nightmare. During my last cycle, I saw a lady’s head cut from her body on a highway & I am driving my vehicle from above her head & body. No friends, you are mistaken; I had not watched any horror show or movie, infact I never watch, as I am fearful. In my dream, I visit unknown places that are haunted. It’s all total darkness throughout the dream. At times my dreams are really weird, like once I dreamt before the menses days that lot many bananas are coming out from my petrol tank of vehicle!! How strange?!!!....

The feeling of dejection, worthlessness, cry spell & total loss of confidence remain for many days. Once I dashed my vehicle with an old man & hit him. I feel guilty even today for that deed; I had even broken his spectacles. There was no misunderstanding, neither was I driving fast or irresponsibly nor he had broken any traffic rules, but I simply struck into him!! Also, the fight is not always outside, but at times even at home front, just out of irritation, I blast out on all those who stay with me (God save them…).

People might find it faulty, but all kinds of strange things happen to me during PMS. I am a vegetarian who doesn’t eat egg at all since my college days. The last egg I had that too by chance was in the year 2006 as a meal offered in Air-plane. Before this, during my childhood, very irregularly 2-3 times in a year we as a family hardly use to have omelette sometimes in winters that too. But to my surprise, during my few menses cycle, I get tempted to eat eggs particularly.

Well, I would say, Premenstrual syndrome makes my life very different for those few days, as if it’s not me, but someone else who rules my behavior.


Yours Neelima.

2) Share by Beepasha:

Dear Friends,

During these on-going COVID-19 /Corona virus pandemic times, lock downs are boon to save our lives, but in isolation, somewhere it has also given room to domestic violence, abuse & humiliation towards women. Cases of violence, rape & crime under the closed doors are on rise. Beepasha Madhwani shares her feelings towards increasing sexual assaults as below:

Yet another case came out. We all know who is it about. They feel sexually assaulting is okay. And this is how their lust makes out a way. Never have i ever felt more terrible Where they treat girls like a ball. First they sneak into their private space. Then blackmail them in pathetic ways. Body shaming, ill treatment and nudes, they easily ask for... But for girls, this fight is not less than a war. My all sympathies is for the families of these douche-bags. But a question could still be raised on theirs upbringing as well. They definitely failed as a human being. Good or bad is not even a thing. It is high time we all take an action against this.  For how long will the girls be hampered to touch the skies? Feminism is all about equal rights they said So is this how the equality in a country, laid ? ~ beepasha ( beepasha.08@gmail.com)