The website is developed by Dr. Nehal Shah on the base of her 7 years research during her M.Phil & PhD course on Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). She worked on 800 women during this period from age group 13 to 36 years. She studied around 95 physical, psychological & behavioural symptoms of PMS in these women subjects. This website was launched in the 2011 as an educational non-commercial tool to spread scientific information about PMS globally.

            Dr. Shah is interested in research related to varied areas concerning women health. Subjects like neuro-endocrinology, physiology, psychology, menstruation & menstrual disorders, mental health of women, role of women in sustainable environment, metaphysical sciences, holistic health therapies, spiritual healing etc are major areas of her interest.


M.Sc. ( Biosci.- Animal Sci.),


M.Phil.( Biosci.- Animal Sci.),

Ph D (Zoology)

Sangeet Visharad

Dip. In Environment Education

Cert. Course in Science Journalism

P.G. Dip. In Psycho. Counseling

Trainer of trainer & facilitator for Healthy Ageing, IFRC

Team Member of Gujarat State Disaster Management Response Team, GRC & IRC


She is presently engaged as Assistant Professor, Biotechnology Department, Shree Ramkrishna Institute of Computer Edu. &  Applied Sciences, Surat since last 9 years.

She holds teaching experience of 16 years from the beginning of the career (8 years as Biology teacher at Higher Secondary section, GSEB, IB, CBSE+ 8 years UG, PG experience at M.Sc. Biotechnology Course).


1) Visited Finland under Rotary International Group Study Exchange Program. 

2) Diploma in Naturopathy from IAMR, Kolkata,India.

3) All India Radio Vani Certificate (FM Radio, Delhi) for working as announcer in Radio station.

4) Gujarat Government Trained Nodal Teacher for AIDS Awareness & SAEP (School adolescence education program) at school level. 

5) Certificate course in Herbal Recipes from Vallabh Seva Mandal, Surat, Gujarat

6) CCC from DOEACC

7) Has delivered 3 live lectures from BISAG, Gandhinagar

8) Is Science Expert for Secondary & Higher Secondary (9-12th STD), selected by GUJCOST for Live MSQ BISAG SATCOM Television Series, Gandhinagar

9) Has learnt Vipasana Meditation Technique & Reiki

10) Is trained in CBT & REBT for psychological counseling

 11) Has independently done 2 glass painting exhibitions successfully in Surat – Gujarat.


1) Attended two days UGC sponsored workshop Me and My Environment at VNSG University, Surat, Gujarat - India (26-27th Jan. '08).

2) Attended seminar on Laboratory animals: welfare and enrichment organized by Jai Research Foundation, Valvada, Valsad, Gujarat - India (10th May'08).

3) Attended two days workshop on Biodiversity Assessment organized by Wildlife training division, Gandhinagar and Society for Envir. Protect. (SEP) at HNG Uni., Patan, Gujarat - India (12-13th July '08).

4) Attended workshop on Introduction to SPSS at DRMISSS, VNS University, Surat, Gujarat - India (8th Aug.'08).

5) Attended seminar on Statistical analysis using SPSS at DRMISSS, VNSGU, Surat , Gujarat - India(7th Oct.'08).

6) Attended workshop on Qualitative analysis at DRMISSS, VNSGU, Surat, Gujarat - India (1st March'09).

7) Attended State level seminar on Teaching Zoology in 21st Century, at M.G. Sci. Institute, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - India (18th July '09).

8) Attended State level seminar on Importance of trees in conservation of Avian diversity, at MS Uni., Vadodara, Gujarat - India (13th Sep.'09).

9) Attended National level seminar on Invertebrate Taxonomy, at MS Uni., Vadodara,  Gujarat - India (18-19th Nov.'09).

10)Attended National level seminar on Endocrinology & Reproductive Biology – Current Advances, at Life Sci. Institute, Mumbai, Maharashtra - India ( 13 to 16th Dec.'09).

11) Attended State Level seminar on Emerging Trends in Inorganic Chemistry, at Sir P.T.Sci. College, Surat, Gujarat - India (21st Feb.'2010).

12) Attended XXIV Gujarat Science Congress 2010 at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – India (21st march'2010).

13) Attended One day National Conference on Environment & Climate, at M.V. M.Sci. & Home Sci. College, Rajkot, Gujarat-India (13th Feb.'2011).

14)Attended one day training programme on Choice based Credit System, organized by KCG & VNSGU, Surat (10th july'2011).

15)Attended National Symposium on Status, Challenges & Opportunities in Life Sciences, organized at ARIBAS, V.V. Nagar, Anand (10th Sep.'2011).

16) Attended Workshop on Research Methodology in Social Sciences, organized by CSSEI & VNSGU, Surat.(9th-10th May'2011).

17)Attended National Seminar on Birds of Gujarat: Present Status & Future Scenario organized by BCSG & NAU, Navsari, Gujarat (22nd Jan.'2012).

18)Attended National Conference on Advanced Trends in Applied Sci. & Technology organized by SRKI, Surat (27-28th Jan.'2012).

19)Attended XXVI Gujarat Sci. Congress 2012 organized by M S Uni. & GSA, Vadodara (26th Feb.'2012).

20)Attended Regional Science Congress on Science for shaping the future of India organized by M S Uni. & ISCA, Vadodara (15-16th Sept.'2012).

21)Attended 6th National Level Science Symposium 2013 on Recent trends in Sci. & Tech., organized by Christ College, Rajkot (20th Jan.'2013).

22) Attended National Symposium on Enterpreneurship in Microbial Technology & Comp. Sci., organized by  SRKI & SGCCI, Surat (9th-10th Feb.'2013).

23) Attended XXVII Gujarat Science Congress organized by CHARUSAT & GSC, Changa (24th Feb.'2013).

24) Attended GUJCOST sponsored state level conference Interdisciplinary research in life sciences organized by Government Science College, Chikhli (15th March'2013).

25) Attended UGC sponsored National level one day seminar on Enhancing Teaching/Learning through multimedia & Web 2.0 Technology organized by K. K. Shah Jarodwala Maninagar Sci. College, Ahmedabad (24th March'2013).

26) Attended National level Wild Insight Basics – a workshop on the fundamentals of wildlife & conservation, at Corbett, organized by Conservation Consortium India & Centre for Ecological Action Front (CEAF) (17th june – 22nd June'2013)

27) International Workshop on Ocean Acidification – Coonsequences for Marine Ecosystem by SCAR, SCOR, IISER, Kolkata (20th – 21st Sep.'2013)        

28) Attended UGC sponsored National Seminar on Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: Patent or Perish, organized by Pharmacy Dept., M S Uni., Baroda (4th January'2014).                 

29) Attended National Seminar on Nutrigenomics: A promising tool for combating chronic diseases, organized by PG dept. of Homoscience, S P University, Vallabh Vidyanagar(13th – 14th Feb.'2014).


1) Books : A book Guidelines to Biology for Std. 12th Sci. in year 2007-08,Popular   Prakashan, Surat.

2) Research Papers :

1.Cytogenetic Analysis of radiotherapeutic & diagnostic workers occupationally exposed to Radiation (Vol.4 (1), 65-69,2004, IJHG, New Delhi, India).

 2.Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) in the Girls of age groups 13 to 23 years – A Study (Vol.V, 198-203, 2007, VNSGUJ, Surat, Gujarat - India).

 3.Status of Types of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) in adolescent girls of Surat city (Gujarat) (Vol.05, No.1, 39-42, summer2008, NJLS, Satna, M.P., India).  

4. Indoor Pollution ( One day National Conference on Environment & Climate, at M.V. M.Sci. & Home Sci. College, Rajkot, Gujarat-India, 13th Feb.'2011)

5. Menstrual Cramps in College girls of Surat City- A Study. (National Conference on Advanced Trends in Applied Sci. & Technology organized by SRKI, Surat ,27-28th Jan.'2012).

6.  A study of BMI & health status of adolescent girls (age groups 13 to 18 years) of surat city. (XXVI Gujarat Sci. Congress 2012 organized by M S Uni. & GSA, Vadodara, 26th Feb.'2012).

3) Posters:

1)Trend of Menarche & menstruation in Surat City girls (Poster presented at 23rd Gujarat Science Congress, 15th Feb.'09).

2)Taxonomic account of ornamental fishes of Surat City (Poster presented at National Symposium on Enterpreneurship in Microbial Technology & Comp. Sci., organized by  SRKI & SGCCI, Surat (9th-10th Feb.'2013).

3) Status of acidification of Gulf of Khambhat, Gujarat (Poster presented at International Workshop on Ocean Acidification – Coonsequences for Marine Ecosystem by SCAR, SCOR, IISER, Kolkata (20th – 21st Sep.'2013)   

4) Fishes of India – The source of functional foods for chronic diseases (poster presented at National seminar on nutrigenomics: A promising tool for combating chronic diseases, S P University & PG Dept. of Home Science, Vallabh Vidyanagar (13-14th Feb.'2014).

5) Metabolomics: An emerging discipline of Nutrigenomics (poster presented at National seminar on nutrigenomics: A promising tool for combating chronic diseases, S P University & PG Dept. of Home Science, Vallabh Vidyanagar (13-14th Feb.'2014).


1) Life Member of Indian Science Congress Association, India. (ISCA) (Membership No. L21901).

2) Life Member of Bird Conservation Society (BCSG), Gujarat - India.(Membership No. L-13/367)

3) Life Member of Society for Science and Environment, Jalgaon, India.(Membership No. SES-181).

4) Life Member of People for Animals, New Delhi- India (Membership No. GJT- 001274)

5) Life member of Indian Woman Science Association (IWSA)

6) Life member of Indian Society of Geomatics (ISC)(Membership No. ISG-L: 1576)

7) Life member of Indian Red Cross Society

8) Life member of St. Johns  Ambulance

            9) Life member of Society for Reproductive Biology & Comparative Endocrinology (SRBCE), Chennai (LM-494)

          10) Life Associate Member of Indian Psychiatric Society (LAM/N01/17)


1) Invited as a resource person to deliver a talk on Role of Nodal teachers for AIDS education & Awareness on 3rd Nov.' 2004 for Nodal Teachers & PEs students of 30 schools under school AIDS Education Program managed by Gujarat State AIDS Control Society (GSAC) at V. N. Godhani Kanya Vidhyalya, Katargam, Surat- Gujarat.

2) Invited as Subject Expert by Jaybharati Community Science Center, Surat in coordination with GUJCOST, on 29th Feb. 2008 for National Science Day Celebration.

3) Invited as Resource Person for Bridge Course in Zoology for Under Graduates at Sir P.T. Sarvaj. College of Science, Surat on 30th June 2014.

4) Invited as a resource person to deliver a talk on Premenstrual Syndrome 19th July' 2014 in FEMICON-2014 Conference organized by DAMINI NGO in partnership with Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, at VNSGU convention Hall, Surat- Gujarat.

5) Invited as Guest Speaker by Lions Club of Surat to deliver a talk on Music that Heals on 10th Spet.'2014.

6) Invited as an Expert for Panel Discussion entitled Science Policy: Preparing a Roadmap for Improving Science Education & Research as a part of National Science Day Celebration at Inst. Of Science, Nirma University, Ahmedabad on 28th Feb.'2015.

7) Invited for Public lecture on Women Mental Health & Mentality at Lions Club of Surat on 4th March 2015.

8) Invited as an Expert for Maths Science Questionnaire Program, organized by Gujarat Council on Science & Technology (GUJCOST). Gandhinagar, Gujarat at Science Center, Ahmedbad on 27th March 2015.

9) Invited as Speaker for Bridge Course in Botany organized by Biology Department, Government Science College, Chikhli , Navsari- Gujarat during 18th May to 21st May 2015.

10) Invited as a Resource person for expert talk in Crash Course Program organized by Shree Ramkrishna Inst. Of Comp. Edu. & App. Sciences in partnership with Gujarat Stat Biotechnology Mission (GSBTM), Gandhinagar from 11th May to 15th May 2015.

11) Invited as Guest Speaker at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Girls Hostel during the year 2015 & 2016 to deliver talks on Menstrual Disorders, Breast Cancer & Breast Feeding.

12) Invited for an expert lecture on Biological sample collection & preservation, list of scheduled-I animals & endangered species of Gujarat & India for M.Phil/ PhD course work at Bioscience Department, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat- Gujarat on 23rd Jan. 2016.

13) Invited for guest lecture in One Day Workshop on Awareness & Conservation of Local Biodiversity organized by Government Science College, Vankal in partnership with Gujarat Biodiversity Board on 10th May 2016.

14) Invited for Expert Lecture on Beyond the Boundaries in National Seminar organized by Faculty of Education, Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, Gandhinagar on 7th Jan.'2017.

15) Invited as Guest Speaker in Ryan International School, Surat, Gujarat on 7th June 2017 on as a part of Environment Week Celebration to deliver a speech on No Plastics.

16) Invited as Guest Speaker by Senior Citizen Welfare Association, Bhatar on 1st July 2017 to deliver a talk on Healthy Ageing.

17) Invited as Guest Speaker by Junior Chamber International Surat on 5th March 2018 to deliver a talk on Health & Hygiene for secondary girls students at Shree Kanchnanlal Mamavala School, Adajan, Surat.

18) Invited as a resource person to deliver talk on Laboratory Animal Care, maintenance of Germ free Animals & Basics of Nutrition of Lab Animals for M.Phil/ Phd Course Work on 26th July & 27th July 2018 at Bioscience Department, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat- Gujarat.

19) Invited for Expert Talk on Role of Hormones in PMSat International Conference on Reproductive Endocrinology & Development (ICRED) jointly organized by SRBCE & Navrachna University, Vadodara, Gujarat from 18-21st Jan. 2019.


1) Appreciation by Society of Cancer Awareness & Redemption (SCAR), for Mass Awareness of students regarding Cancer in the year 2004.

2) Felicitated by Lions Club of Surat as BEST TEACHER on 10th Sept. 2014.

3) Felicitated by Heartfulness Institute, Surat Center, Gujarat on thSept. 2018 as BEST TEACHER.

Published Biology book for higher secondary classes 11-12th Std with Popular Prakashan
Looking to her all round performance at undergraduate B.Sc. studies, her college Sir P.T. Sarvajanik College of Science, Surat affiliated to Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, honored her by giving opportunity to do Flag Hoisting on Republic Day 26th January during the year 1999-2000.

She delivers number of public lectures on varied allied topics related to health, science, women empowerment, ageing, meditation, stress management etc & has done many oral presentations regarding her research work on endocrinology, PMS, women mental health, & other allied fields of science at national, international & sate level conferences & seminars.
She holds many research poster presentations in regional, state, national & international conferences, seminars & symposia
She keeps herself updated with new scientific information by participating in different workshops, training programs & lecture series.
She has received many felicitations for her research, as teacher, public speaker for awareness related work . Above picture shows Dr. Nehal was felicitated by Mr. Rupin Pachchigar for completing her Master in Philosophy (M.Phil) in Premenstrual Syndrome in the year 2008.
Being a music lover she extended her love for music by learning music till Visharad. She is a trained classical vocal singer. Now she tries to research how music can be used for healing purpose.


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