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Here you are provided a PMS rating scale self-assessment / self-test with the help of which you will be able to check your own PMS state & take appropriate measures later. Use this self-help tool & still if you have queries kindly write to us for further details.

This test is prepared by Miss Nehal Shah after reviewing already avaliable literature of PMS and her experiences during pilot study for PMS. She derived genuine valid results successfully with this questionnaire during her M.Phil and  Ph.D. on Premenstrual Syndrome for more than 1000 respondents.

Assess your premenstrual state
For each of the symptoms below, choose the one that most closely describes the intensity of your premenstrual symptoms during your last cycle. This phase begins about 7, 10 or 12 days prior to menstrual bleeding (or the last menses date) & ends about the time bleeding starts.

Swelling or enlargement Pain Tenderness Tightening

No change Very less Less Moderate High Very high

No change Very less Less Moderate High Very high

No change Very less Less Moderate High Very high

in thoracic region in lumbar region No pain

Abdominal pain / cramps Abdominal swelling / heaviness None

No change Less Moderate High

Less Moderate High

Before menses starts During menses At the end of menses No headache

No change Less in number Too many

Normal sleep Disturbed sleep Less or sleeplessness Prolonged / deep sleep

No change Less High

No change Less High

No Yes - Sweet Yes - Spicy & Hot Yes - Sour & Salty

No change Less Moderate High

No change Less Moderate High Very high

Boost up for domestic work Want to get dressed up well Possesses whims / fantasies /day dreaming Becomes suddenly hobby oriented

No Calf muscle pain Pain in thighs Pain from knees to toes whole leg pain

Diarrhoea / loose motions Constipation No problems

Pain in all body joints Elbows Knee joints fingers/toes No pain

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